A N N E  D E  M O N T A R L O T

After 12 years working with Expats in Central London, I have developed a strong experience and expertise in relationship difficulties, in career counselling and student counselling.

Therapy is essentially a safe and contained place, (sheltered away from the usual pressures and expectations), where you can be heard in a meaningful way.

It helps you make sense of feelings and thoughts that can be experienced as, confusing, disempowering, and overwhelming!

Anxiety, depression, relationships difficulties, low self -esteem, PTSD, bullying, cross cultural relationships, body issues are typical issues I have been working with clients.

It is about self- understanding through an increased self-awareness and its resulting insights which lead to a change of perspectives and a sense of well being.

It is confidential and it is a collaboration.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

My clients are referred by word and mouth, past clients, GP’s, HR and Psychiatrists