A N N E  D E  M O N T A R L O T
Who are you?

From my experience as an Existential Therapist, I believe that key assumptions underlying the existential model, are a very useful tool to coach an individual or a group of individuals (Team).

The capacity to make choices in one’s life, clarifying core values, relationships, life purpose and reflecting on one’s own meanings and goals are fundamental insights for successful coaching.

Life is often about facing and managing change. I specialise in Transition life/career Coaching with a wealth of experience on Cross-cultural and conflict resolution issues.

People at crosswords need a vision and a useful language to describe career and life aspirations. I will help you clarify what you would like, define how to get there with your existing strengths, discover untapped resources and transform your goals into action to reach your aim.

I am very keen to help you discern and create meaningful decisions which are in alignment with who you are. Together, we will discuss what holds you back, develop effective strategies to overcome perceived obstacles and reconnect to a new sense of purpose and energy.

The first one hour session is free. We will discuss your overall current situation and clarify your aims.